ChelseaVBanks Blog: Vitalise Cleanse Review

ChelseaVBanks Blog: Vitalise Cleanse Review

Hello lovelies,

I know I haven’t really showed as much attention to the Health and Fitness category as the others but I am changing that today.

If you follow me on snapchat you will know that just under 2 weeks ago I received a big package from Vitalise Cleanse. This package contained 21 juices – all various flavours. These were to be drunk over 3 days. I drank 7 each day, 1 after ever 2-3 hours. They were delivered to me by a special courier and received before 10 am so I can start drinking them as soon as they arrive. Vitalise cleanse also sent me an email with some advice and instructions for me to prepare myself for the cleanse.

The box consisted of the following flavours:

3 x Beetylicious
3 x Fleeky Melon
3 x Black Goodness
2 x Yummy Beet
1 x What-A-Wow
1 x Raw Kick
1 x Pink Me Baby One More Time 1 x Cacao Love
1 x Chia Lover
1 x Lemon Alkaliser
1 x Queen Bee
3 x Green Goddess

Majority of these juices were tasty but some, not so much. However, most cold pressed juices usually taste vile therefore to get a majority of delicious juices and a few okay tasting ones was nothing to complain about. None of them were vile to my taste buds. My favourite flavours were Beetylicious and Black Goodness. I would drink these forever if I could!

I did not struggle with hunger because there are so many of these juices to drink and in-between each one I drank water as usual and sometimes drank other fruit juices like the Ace drink we all love from Lidl. I did not battle with cravings at all and my appetite was lower than usual (what a blessing!). I was not to eat for these 3 days but I was a little naughty. During the evening times of day 1 and 2 I had some grilled fish with no carbs or veg. The drinks have a laxative effect if you eat… I don’t need to fill you in on what happened. Even though 3 days without food seems very tedious, time flew because I felt no cravings and I had a low appetite.

After the juices you can go back to your normal eating habits but this will defeat the purpose of this cleanse. I used it as a starting point for my weight loss because after this cleanse I didn’t have many cravings, I ate less and had a lower appetite. I had been trying very hard to find ways of lowering my food intake and my cravings and I finally found it in this cleanse. I now eat a pear for breakfast, drink a juice for lunch, eat an apple as a snack, a tub of mangoes as  another snack and at dinner time I normally eat lots of protein and no carbs but if I am feeling naughty I eat healthy carbs such as sweet potatoes. Substitutes for carbs that taste nice are quinoa and cuscus. Some love brown rice but I BEG TO DIFFER. For other healthy carbs click here.

Overall I lost 5.3 kgs from this cleanse. I will definitely be doing this cleanse again in a few weeks.

The company’s Instagram account is Vitalise Cleanse.

I will be back with another Health & Fitness post soon enough.




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